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Many web designers after learning graphics work move towards how to convert your psd files into valid css/xhtml templates .  So after designing cool PSD theme and template , they want to convert them into seo friendly web layouts . So here we have listed all best tutorials based on Psd to (X)Html/CSS coding , so you can learn all best classic as well as latest designing concepts .


Best 50 PSD to XHTML/CSS tutorials collection :-

In this blog post we have added almost all types of web layouts ,  slicing psd to xhtml ,  navigation  and footer coding sections . I have tried my best to find out all best guides provided by well known designers over net and hope you will get benefit from it .

1. How to Convert a PSD to XHTML [ Video Tutorial ]

Designer created this video guide which explains you that exactly how to convert a PSD to XHTML/CSS .


2. From PSD to XHTML, Building a Set of Website Designs Step by Step :-


3. How to Convert a Photoshop Mockup to XHTML/CSS :- In this tutorial you will go through the stages like exporting the graphics and producing the structure with the most natural HTML elements . After that you can move on to css design for styling purpose .


4. How to convert PSD to a standards-compliant (X)HTML web design :-


5. Minimal and Modern Portfolio Layout Tutorial :- In this tutorial you will learn how to create the design, and then convert it to an HTML/CSS template .


6. Encoding a Photoshop Mockup into XHTML & CSS :- Designer first taught how to create psd design in photoshop and now in this article he tought how to convert that design into an actual webpage constructed in xhtml and css .


7. Coding The Creative Design Layout :-


8. Converting a Photoshop Mockup [ Video Tutorial] :- It is set of three video tutorials in which you will learn the conversion process of an Adobe Photoshop mockup design and than convert it into a real live CSS based website .


9. Build a Sleek Portfolio Site from Scratch :- In this tutorial we’re going to take that PSD file and build it with some nice clean XHTML and CSS .


10. The Design Lab PSD Conversion :- In this tutorial you will learn how to code psd design lab layout tutorial .


11. Coding Corporate WordPress Style Layout :- In this tutorial you will learn how to code the Corporate WordPress Style Layout into xhtml and css. I hope this will help new upcoming wordpress theme designers .


12. Coding Design Lab TV Styled Layout :- n this tutorial you will learn how to code psd layout into valid xhtml/css , which will be cross browser compatible .


13. PSD to CSS/HTML in Easy Steps :-


14. Web Design Layout #9 SiteBuild :- Once again here is one more tutorial from hv-designs.co.uk and in this he will be showing showing you how to code the web design layout #9 PSD .


15. Slice and Dice that PSD [Video Tutorial] :- In this video tutorial you will learn slicing up a PSD and dicing it for the web .


16. Converting a Photoshop Mockup [Video Tutorial] :- Here is one more video tutorial from css-tricks.com on Converting a Photoshop Mockup into HTML/CSS with some different conversion techniques .


17. Portfolio Layout Learn To Code It :- In this tutorial designer explain the steps to take in slicing and coding the layout.


18. Create a Sleek Web 2.0 Style Website Layout :-


19. BLOOpress CSS Template :- In this tutorial you will be converting the BLOOpress photoshop mockup into a one page CSS template .


Learn how to convert a PSD file into HTML in next video Tutorial

20. Converting a Design From PSD to HTML [ Video Tutorial]:- Here is one more tutorial from net.tutsplus.com in which they guide you that how to design a PSD to XHTML and CSS layout .


21. Creating a CSS Layout from scratch :-


22. Build Your Own Single Page Portfolio Website :- Designer guide you to how to produce a single page portfolio concept in Photoshop, constructing the page in XHTML/CSS and adding some fancy functionality with jQuery.


23. PSD > HTML/CSS :- It is little big but very well explained tutorial . Inthis first you will design a PSD file . After that you will learn how to slice and prep our images , so they are ready to be used in our website . In last section you will know how to do coding of you layout .


24. Design a Beautiful Website From Scratch :- This tutorial is specially for those people who know photoshop but don’t know coding work . This tutorial requires a few Photoshop skills and you must be a good learner . Designer pointed out all tiny details which make a website design look beautiful .


Best Series of Converting PSD files HTML/CSS from Scratch by by hv-designs.co.uk

25. Portfolio Layout 4 Coding :-In this tutorial  you will learn to code my portfolio layout 4 design . You can also download this PSD file on tutorial page .


26. My PROject PSD To HTML :- This tutorial is part 2 of the 5 page template series written by hv-designs.co.uk .


27. PSD to CSS to WordPress PT.2 :-


28. Hosting Layout Sitebuild Pt.2 :- In this tutorial you will learn important steps like how to slice the psd design , marking-up the content area and than coding navigation , fotter and other sections .


29. Photoshop to HTML tutorial :- This tutorial is written very well step by step but also tells you how to visualize the CSS and XHTML for better results .


30. Coding Your 1st PSD Tutorial :- It is a first tutorial of car sales template by hv-designs .


31. Beautiful PSD to HTML and CSS :- In this tutorial designer will show you how to slice and create the HTML+CSS of his design .


32. Css Template Tutorial – It is a little big but very well explained tutorail in which you will fin dall steps from start to end . Designer explain Very basic css explanation and guide you to valid xhtml coding .


33. Coding a Clean & Illustrative Web Design from Scratch :- In this comprehensive and step-by-step web development tutorial, you will learn how to convert a Photoshop mockup of a professional web layout design .


34. From Photoshop to HTML :- Learn how the professionals convert their designs from Photoshop to CSS and HTML .


35. How to Code a Clean Portfolio Design :- You will learn the the process of converting that design into a coded page . In this tutorial you will also learn how to implement a jQuery slider, so the lead image will be part of a rotation rather than just a static image.


36. How to Code a Grunge Web Design from Scratch :- In this tutorial you will learn how to convert a PSD web layout into a working xHTML and CSS template .


37. How to Create a Dark and Sleek Web Design from Photoshop :-


38. Converting a PSD to XHTML/CSS :- In this tutorial you are going to learn that how to create a XHTML/CSS webiste by slicing a PSD .


39. Convert a PSD mockup to fully functional XHTML Page :-


40. Design and Code a site with Gimp, HTML and CSS :-Now I come to know that GIMP is not only a image editing tool but we can do many more professional work with it .


41. CODING A LAYOUT :- This tutorial should help you learn how to analyze either a new template, or even your current layout to find the best way to code it.


42. Slice a Template and Code it Using CSS :- In this tutorial designer will show you how to take a template (not create it) and slice it up in Photoshop and code it in complete CSS .


43. How To Plan A Web Layout For A WordPress Theme :- In this post will learn how to make a web layout (xhtml/css from a psd template) .


44. How To Create WordPress Themes From Scratch :- It is a very nice step by step guide which is divided in three parts in series and designer also uploaded video guide for it .


45. Converting PSD to WordPress Theme :- Here is one more tutorial in which designer started from scratch , so we can really understand how themes work within Wordpres .


46. Free CSS Template With PSD to HTML Tutorial :-


47. Convert A Content Box Design Into XHTML and CSS :-


48. Convert PSD to HTML :-


49. How to convert PSD to CSS and XHTML [ Spanish Video Tutorail ] :- This page is in Spanish so you have to use google translator to get more information . Video is also in Spanish language .


50. Create a Killer Band Site in Drupal :- In this tutorial designer tell you about how to take the designed graphics and coding the XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets .


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