Photoshop Tree Brushes – 10+ Free Tree Brush Packs

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Photoshop tree brushes can be helpful to add tree symbols or design in easier ways to your artwork and save you sketching time. Tree brushes with different look and shades can be used to express various meanings in a natural scenario. Sometimes you must have notice single tree images, paintings and illustrations on internet delivering message of peace, silence and sometimes they represent darkness too. So  today we will share some nice high quality tree brushes for photoshop and just click on given images to access the download page of mentioned brush pack.

Free Photoshop Tree Brushes

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1. 15 African Tree Brushes :- In this set you will get 15 photoshop cs3 tree brushes in 6 different category and designs. In this pack you will get 2 Baobab tree, 4 Umbrella Thorn, 4 Marula, 1 Moremi, 3 Dead and 1 Tropical brush design shape.

Photoshop Tree Brushes

2. 15 African Tree Brushes 2 CS3 :- Here is one more pack from above designer and in this set you will get 15 free photoshop tree brushes crated mostly of Acacia trees. These brushes are free to use where ever you want but it is always good to take permission from designer before using them for projects.

Download Photoshop Tree Brushes

3. Complete Tree Brush Pack :- In this set you will have 40 highly detailed tree brushes of dead trees, winter pear trees, maple trees, cherry trees, palm and coconut trees(2 types), papyrus and bamboo. This brush pack for Photoshop CS and higher but if you want to use them in photoshop 7 then designer provided download link for it too.

4. Tree Photoshop Brushes :- In this pack you will get 26  photoshop 7 tree brushes including bonsai, a palm, numerous dead or leafless trees, tons of “leafy” trees, several pines, a few oriental trees and a willow. This brush pack can be used with Photoshop 7+, Photoshop Elements 2+and Gimp 2.2.6+.

5. Photoshop Tree Brushes :- In this pack you will get 6 high high resolution photoshop brushes made from royalty free stock on stock exchange and this .abr file is made in photoshop cs2.

6. Creepy Tree Brushes :- In this brush pack you will get 12 high res brushes around 2000 pixels in size. Feel free to use these anywhere and this brush pack can be used with Photoshop 7+.

7. High Resolution Tree Brushes :- In this brush pack you will get 5 high resolution tree brushes made in Photoshop Elements 7. You can use them for personal or commercial use but don’t claim them as your own or try and sell them.

8. Trees Promo Brush Pack :- In this brush set you will get 18 high resolution photoshop pine tree brushes, Blossoming trees, European trees and Dead trees.If you are looking for tree brushes for Photoshop 7 and higher then try this pack.

9. Tree Brush Pack II :- In this set you will have 7 tree brushes for photoshop. This is second pack provided DP Studio and made in CS2.

10. PS HighRes Tree Brushes :- In this brush pack you will get 30 high quality free photoshop tree brushes with resolution around 1000-1700 px. I think in this pack you will get almost all kind of tree variety, shades and hope you will find them useful.

11. Palm Tree Set series :- In this set you will have 9 beautiful and high quality photoshop palm tree brushes. This palm tree silhouette brush pack is created in Photoshop 7 and provided only for non commercial use / personal use.

In this collection we have shared more 150+ brush from 11 free packs. If you want to get next update of free photoshop tree brushes direct in your inbox then you can subscribe to my blog and stay updated.

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  2. Nice Post. Very nice. I have always been a fan of Photoshop. Thanks for sharing this wonderful info. Will try them out.

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    great info…thnks for the share..

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    Fantastic brushes, I am using them for last 2 months, I am more than Happy..!!

    Awaiting for newer posts…!! Thanks in Advance.

  5. Again a great collection for Photoshop lovers.

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