Photoshop Star Brushes – 35+ High Quality Stars Pack

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Photoshop Star Brushes are always useful for designing cool background or night sky scene . Star brush can also be used to create a glitter or sparkle effect in artwork . If you have good knowledge of lighting effect in photoshop than you can use start brushes to create amazing glowing firework/explosive designs too . In this collection I have shared brush resources collected from and few other website and you can click on given images to access download pages .

Photoshop Star Brushes

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1. Photoshop Stars Brushes :- In this set you will get 10 cute brushes created in Photoshop 7.0 .

Photoshop Star Brushes

2. Star Brushes :- This set contains 10 free brushes for designers and made in photoshop cs .

Photoshop Star Brushes

3. Stars Photoshop & GIMP Brushes :- This set contains 33 high resolution decorative star shapes and this pack is created with Photoshop 7+, Photoshop Elements 2+, Gimp 2.2.6+ .

4. Stars Brush Pack II :- This set contains 10 new brushes for photoshop with cool shapes .

5. Star Brushes :- This set contains 6 high resolution free photoshop brushes .

6. Free Stars Brushes Photoshop III :- This set contains 7+ star brush shaped with lighting ray effect .

7. Super Stars Photoshop Brushes :- This set contains 80 stars photoshop brushes and they are designed for photoshop CS2 Software only .

8. Rabies Star Brush Set :- This set contains 20 star photoshop brushes. These free brushes working fine with photoshop CS and later versions .

9. Star Brushes :- In this set you will get 10+ brushes with creative designs .

10. Spinning Stars Brushes :- This set contains 4 amazing star shapes with nice spin and turns .

11. Photoshop Brushes Star :- This pack contains 9 brushes and are free for non-commercial use.

12. Star Brushes 1 :- This brush pack contains 10 high resolution star shapes .You can use them in Adobe Photoshop or with Gimp .

13. PS Hanging Stars :- This set contains 7 big star brushes with nice decoration . You can find such creative starts on many occasions and home decorations . You can create cool background or other artwork with them .

14. Star Glitter Brush :- This set contain 15 stars photoshop brushes with glitter effect .

15. Shooting Star Scribbles :- This set contains 20 photoshop brushes of stars in scribble design .

16. Grunchy Star Brushes :- This set offers you pretty cool stars shapes .

17. Stylish Star Brushes :- This set offer you some amaing night sky star brush designs .

18. Handmade Stars Brushes :- This set contains free handmade  star brushes and can be used to create amazing backgrounds .

19. Star Brushes :- This set contains 5 little  stars brush created in  Photoshop CS2

20. Spark and Star Brush :- This pack contains 3 different stars and sparkles for photoshop users .

21. Doodle Star Brushes :- This set contains 6 psd brushes of stars shapes made with Photoshop CS2 .

22. Stars Photoshop Brushes :- This pack also provides you amazing stars shape made with a font called Pizzadude stars.

23. Star Brushes Photoshop 7 :- This set contains 25 free brushes and size is from 394px to 773px .

24. Stars Shine Out :- This set contains 7 stars brushes for photoshop with shining effect .

25. 1000 Stars :- This set contains 10 bright star brushes for photoshop with light effect .

26. Star Photoshop Brushes :- This set contains 15 star brushes for photoshop 7 users . Size is around 500×500 and designer also provided an image pack , which can be useful in-case you can’t use brush with your ps version .

27. Stars Brushes Pack II :- This set contains 36 photoshop brushes made with PS7 .

28. Stars PS 7+ :- This set contains different type of stars shapes created with photoshop 7 .

29. Solitarius Stars Brushes :- This set contains some really amazing star brush shapes and made with PS7.

30. Simple Rock Stars Brushes :- This set contains 15+ vector star brushes , designed in illustrator and customized in photoshop .

31. Particles and Stars Brushes :- This set contain 61 free photoshop brushes and can be used with Adobe Photoshop CS, CS2 and CS3 only .

32. Retro Stars :- This set offer you 10 brushes and works fine with Photoshop CS and higher.

33. Star Brushes Volume 1 :- This set contains high resolution star brushes for photoshop cs3 .

34. Star Brushes Photoshop 7 :- This set contains 19 brushes and they amazing for creating nature backgrounds or any night designs .

35. Star vector Photoshop Brushes :- This set contain 15+ stars brushes for photoshop .

36. Star Swirls Brushes :- This set contains 20 cool star and swirl patterns and created using Adobe Illustrator and exported to Photoshop at 300 dpi.

This collection contains 36 amazing set of  star photoshop brushes and you can access download pages by clicking on given images .

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  1. Wow I love all these brush. Want to just grab it and start using it. Lovely collection

  2. So awesome, I wish I could find similar brushes for Paint.NET brushes are the main thing lacking and sometimes I really think I should switch to Photoshop.

  3. admin says:

    Justin @ – I will try to find some good brushes for Paint.NET in next roundup for sure …

  4. Shiva says:

    This is an awesome collection Atul, will be useful for me since I am trying my hands on designing

  5. Gytis says:

    cool. I like it! I will use for my design :))

  6. momtaz says:

    How could i download the brushes??

    there is no direct link

  7. admin says:

    Just click on given images and you can access download page. Or just tell me which pack you want, I will mail download links.


  8. Muhammad Asad says:

    Very Nice Brushes

  9. knaoatulperx says:

    looks nice :P

  10. billy bob says:

    Hello, how do i download these brushes?

  11. stella says:


  12. juli says:

    i like foto

  13. Foteini says:

    Thank you for the beautiful stars!!

  14. Khatidja says:

    Hi: I’ve been unable to download these excellent brushes.
    what am I missing?

  15. admin says:

    Just click on given images and you can access download links.

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