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Photoshop Hair Brushes can be very useful for photo manipulation work or you can also use them for your normal art work .We can notice hundreds of thousand of stunning photoshop brushes set on web but it is also correct that only a best and suitable brush can make your art unique .So here I am sharing different kind of  hair brushes for photoshop, which will help you to add natural hair effects in your art work .

photoshop hair brushes

Notice :- Most brush packs are designed by different designer and all of them have different license policies , please so do check the license information before using them .

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1. Hair Wigs Brushes :- If you are not good in hair cutouts or just want to drop an instant hair wig on character than this pack can help you . Designer created these hair brushes for photoshop with stock images and converted them with ps7 .

photoshop hair brushes

2. Short Hair Brush Pack :- Here is one more pack from same designer contains wig brushes but in this pack also you will get short hair style brushes . In this image you see hair brushes for photoshop in black color but you can easily change color and size according to your requirement  inside photoshop settings.

photoshop hair brushes

3. Girl Hair Brushes :- Here is one more pack with 40 different type of hair brushes for girls . But if you are very creative then use them for male character and adjust them according  you like to use .

photoshop hair brushes

4. Girls Hair Brushes :- In this fourth set you will get 40 different black hair photoshop brush designs for female characters and they are made in PS7 .

photoshop hair brushes

5. Anime Hair Brushes :- In this pack you will get some cool anime hairstyle brushes for girls and boys in different shapes like long, short and medium. So if you don’t know how to draw anime hair for girls or boys in different style and shapes then you can download this pack.

6. Anime Long Hair Brushes II :- If you don’t know how to draw anime long hair style for girls and boys then here is more more pack with 10+ different hairstyles. In this anime hair long pack designer also provided a .png version of all brushes so that you can use them even if you don’t have photoshop .

photoshop hair brushes

7. Lineart Hair Brushes :- Designer created these brushes to draw line-art for your different style of long and short hair looks. So if you don’t know how to draw curly hair in photoshop then you must download this brush pack.

8. Handmade Hair Brushes :- In this pack you will get some handy hair and fur brushes . Hand painted brushes has some gaps , so be careful how you use it or it may look funny.

9. Photoshop Hair Brushes :- In this pack you will get 15 free hair brushes for photoshop with high resolution around 2500px & 500px and designed created it in Photoshop CS3.

10. Best Hair Brushes :- This pack contains almost all kind or hair style like bangs, braids, wavy, straight, curly, ponytails etc . So I named it best pack in this category . Set contains 22 brushes and can be used in Photoshop 7+, Photoshop Elements 2+, GIMP 2.2.6+ .

photoshop hair brushes

11. Wavy Hair Strands Brushes :- This pack contains 16 different brushes like strands of hair, mostly wavy . Brushes can be used by photo manipulators to add a full head of wavy hair, if used correctly.

12. Curly Hair Brushes :- Here is a set of brushes really necessary for your Photo manipulation, many brushes with tufts of hair .

13. Hair Brushes Set 1 :- Here are some hair brush packs by Fall-Stock . They do not work in PS 7 or lower because they were made with Photoshop CS* .

photoshop hair brushes

14. Hair Brushes Set II :-

15. Hair Brushes Set III :- Most brushes in this pack contains straight hairs and you must not try to use them behind animal as a tail .

16. Hair Brushes Set IV :- This set contains some curly hair brushes for photoshop users .

photoshop hair brushes

17. Hair Brushes Set V :-

18. Hair Brushes Set VI :-

19. Emo Hair Style Brushes :- This pack contains 52 brushes in emo style . So if you are not able to grow your hair than use them in manipulation .

photoshop hair brushes

20. Hair Brushes Vol. 1 :- This set is created by Douglas Baldan with CS2 . These brushes aren’t as big as my usual brushes (1500-2500 px), they are 200-900px.

21. Windblown Hair Brushes :- If you are looking for hairs style flying with wind than this pack is for you .  Set contains 23 brushes and they are compatible with PS7 or later versions.

22. Very Hairy Brushes :- This pack contains 10+ different size brushes made with CS2 . These were made with horses in mind, though they could probably be use with other animals as well .

photoshop hair brushes

23. Fabulous Hair Brushes :- In this pack you will get 8 different brushes and they are created in PS7 .

24. High Resolution Hair Brushes :- In this set you will get 7 high resolution photoshop brushes .

25. High Resolution Hair Brushes II :- In this set you will get 8 high resolution photoshop brushes .

26. High Resolution Hair Brushes III :- In this set you will get 9 high resolution photoshop brushes .

27. Painted Hair Brushes :- This pack contains 11 brushes for photoshop 7 and upper versions .

28. Moustache Brush set :- We are talking about hairs and not including mustache is really bad . So here is one moustache brush set by Peter Plastic.

29. Strands Hair Brushes :- This set contains 7 hair brushes for photoshop. If you are not able to use them than designer also mention the method that how to make them into brushes yourself .

30. Wispy Hair Brushes :- In this set you will get 10 hair brushes for photoshop.

31. Cool Hair Brushes :- This set contains 7 different style brushes like few are straight hairs and few are curly .

32. Pony Hair Brushes Photoshop :- This pack contains high resolution brushes made in PS7 .

33. Stock Hair Photoshop Brushes :- This pack contains 7+ hair style and free to use .

34. Stock Hair Photoshop Brushes II :- This pack contains 3 brushes based on braids hair style .

35. Stock Hair Photoshop Brushes III :- This pack also contains 3 brushes and they can be used to add wig on character .

36. Stock Hair Photoshop Brushes IV :- This pack contains 3+ brushes but they look like little ruff . Designer also said that ”Hair today, gone tomorrow” lol .

37. Stock Hair Photoshop Brushes V :- This pack contain 4 brushes in classic style . In India women use prande to get such hair style .

38. Hair Wigs Brush Pack :- This pack contains 40 different size hair brushes  . Set is mixture of straight and curly brushes for females .

39. Hair Wigs Brush Pack II :- This pack also contains 40 different size hair brushes made in PS7 .

40. Mixed Hair Brushes :- This pack contains 40 different size hair brushes made in PS7 . Pack contains male as well as femal style and some other cool funky hair styles too .

41. Woman Hair Photoshop Brushes :- This pack sontains 18 high resolution Photoshop brushes featuring different hair style and cuts for women.

42. Strands Hair Brushes :- Here is one more pack which contains 16 brushes and they are compatible with PS7 or later versions .

43. Mangra Hair Brushes :- In this pack you will get 4 different manga hair brushes which can be used for male or female characters. If you don’t know how to draw manga hair style design then you can download and try this pack.

In out total collection we have shared 400+ brushes created by 15+ designers . If you are still looking for more photoshop hair brushes than you can subscribe to our blog and get new update direct in your email soon .

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