800+ Grunge Photshop Brushes

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Grunge photoshop brushes are very useful and this is my second update on this category. Lat month we shared 450+ photoshop grunge brushes with different size resolution and effects. In this second update I have collected 45 free photoshop brush packs and can be used with different adobe photoshop versions like PS 7 , CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5 .

Grunge Photoshop Brushes

1. Free High Res Photoshop Brushes :- This brush set contains 12 high resolution grunge texture brushes . This pack is available for CS3 and CS1 but others can download them in PNG format .

Download Grunge Photoshop Brushes

2. Messy Spraypaint :- This set contains 10 best photoshop cs3 grunge brushes and resolution of these brushes is around 2500pxl .

Grunge Photoshop Brushes Download

3. Distressed Grunge Pack :- This brush set contains 26 high resolution distressed grunge elements in two amazing flavors . In this pack you will get 26 .abr grunge brush files and 26 .eps vector files .

4. Tea Stain Photoshop Brushes :- In this brush pack we have 10 mixed size brushes between 750px up to 2500px. These are also free for commercial and personal use.

5. Light Grunge Textures :- This set contains 14 high resolution concrete, wood and even fabric texture brushes. These grunge photoshop brushes are free for commercial and personal use.

6. Free High Resolution Photoshop Grunge Brushes :- This set contains 6 free high resolution adobe grunge photoshop brushes .

7. Grunge Alphabet :- This pack contains full grunge alphabet brushes in small and big letters .

8. Ultimate Grunge Set :- This grunge brush pack contains 153 brushes with various hand made shapes, designs and edges .

9. Rough Edges Photoshop Brush Set :- This pack contains 19 adobe brushes made with CS2 .

10. Grunge Paint brushes :- In this set we have 30 large grungy paint brushes made in Photoshop 7 .

Photoshop Grunge Brushes

11. Photo Grunge Frames :- This download pack contains two PNG stock images and a grunge photoshop brushes set. You can use these frames to add distressed look to your photos .

12. High Res Grunge Banners :- This pack contains 17 grunge banner adobe photoshop brushes with various shapes and designs .

13. Grunge Rust Brush Pack :- This set contains 13 adobe grunge photoshop brushes . They are created with photoshop CS2 and will work fine with cs+ versions .

14. Dry Bones II Grunge Rust :- This brush pack has 14 various .abr files with some nice grunge and rust style textures . These brushes are created with photoshop CS2 and work fine with upper versions .

15. Valley of the Dry Bones 3 :- This pack contains 10 brushes with resolution around 1500 px and work fine with all photoshop cs versions .

16. Old Ephemera Photoshop Brushes :- This set contains 45 adobe photoshop brushes and can be used to add nice grunge effect to designs .

17. HR Grunge Splat Brush Pack 1 :- This set contains 4 cool photoshop grunge brushes with high resolution around 1500px to 2500px .

18. HR Grunge Splat Brush Pack 2 :- This set also contains 4 fresh adobe grunge photoshop brushes with size around 1500px to 2500px .

19. HR Grunge Splat Brush Pack 3 :- This is third pack of high resolution photoshop grunge brushes from deviantart designer Viuff .

20. Grungy Lines :- This pack contains 10+ grunge line brushes made in photoshop CS1 . Designer also added an imagepack of these stock images in zip download folder .

Photoshop Grunge Brushes

21. Pro Grunge Brushes :- This pack contains 27 amazing grunge effect brushes for Photoshop CS/CS2 and many not work with PS 7 .

22. Vector Grunge Brushes :- This set contains 25 vector grunge brushes for photoshop cs2 .

23. Grunge Line Brushes Part.1 :- This pack contains 35 photoshop grunge brushes with every possible direction with different varieties .

24. Grunge Line Brushes Part.2 :- This pack contains 15+ brushes with lot of varieties and different patterns . You use use them for Photoshop 7.0 .

25. Grunge Line Brushes Part.3 :- This pack contains 20 grunge lines brushes based on slanting pattern . You can use them to create a nice border for stock images or in background designs to add little dirty grungy effect .

26. Straight Grunge Lines Brushes :- This set contains 20+ large photoshop grunge brushes for download .

27. Large Grunge Photoshop Brushes :- This set contains 57+ .abr brushes for photoshop 6+ versions .

28. Grunge Brushes :- This set contains free grunge brushes for photoshop cs4 and may not be compatible with earlier versions.

29. Grunge Corner Brushes :- This set contains 15 photoshop grunge corner and edge brushes with high resolution around 1500px – 2200px .

30. Grunge Corner and Edges Brush Pack :- This is second version of above brush set and contains 15 high resolution grunge photoshop brushes with various corners and edges .

Photoshop Grunge Brushes

31. Grunge Texture Photoshop Brushes :- This set contains 15 grunge photoshop brushes and they are free for both commercial and personal use .

32. Grunge Circle Photoshop Brushes :- This set also contains 15 new photoshop grunge brushes in circle designs and has high resolution around 1200px – 2100px .

33. Grunge Swirl Brushes :- This set contains 5 grunge swirl photoshop brushes and you can use them for designing background or too add little grungy swirls in borders .

34. Grunge Brushes :- This is second pack from above designer and contains 7 best photoshop grunge brushes created from various stamp stock photos .

35. Dirty Grunge Photoshop Brushes :- This brush pack contains 29 different dirty stroke texture designs in .abr format .

36. Grunge Ink Splatter Brushes :- This set contains 9 high res grunge photoshop brushes created from scanned stock photo of ink splatters .

37. Free Photoshop Grunge Brushes :- This set contains 12 hi-resolution grunge photoshop brushes and you can use them in your blog layout background design or in other artwork . This brush pack is free to use in both commercial and non-commercial work but you need to link brush design with credits .

38. Part-liquid Grunge Brushes :- This set contains 6 free brushes and two of them have a liquify effect .

39. Grunge Corner Brush Pack :- In this set we have 6 large size photoshop grunge corner brushes made in Photoshop 7 .

40. Grunge Edge Pack :- This pack contains 7 photoshop grunge edge brushes from various frames and corner texture designs .

Photoshop Grunge Brushes

41. Grunge Background Pack :- This pack contains 8+ wallpaper sized high resolution grunge photoshop brushes .

42. Photoshop Grunge Brushes :- In this pack you will get 11 rust grunge brushes with nice proper grunge effects.

43. Abstract Grunge Photoshop Brushes & Texture :- Here is one more free brush pack in which we have 5 high resolution( 2100px to 1500px )  abstract grunge painted textures and brushes .

44. Abstract Grunge Brushes for Photoshop CS4 :- In this pack you will get 5 abstract brushes made in photoshop cs4.Brush size is around 1194px and 1665px and can be used to create dark grungy backgrounds.

45. Typographic Grunge Brushes :- In this pack you will get some amazing photoshop 7 grunge brushes made from various stock photos. These random letter and number brushes are big in size and compatible with Photoshop 7 and up .

In this collection you will get 800+ free grunge photoshop brushes for download .

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