30 Amazing Photoshop Gradient Sets for Background Designs

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Photoshop Gradient tool or editor is most important feature for designers for creating cool web 2.0 style buttons , backgrounds , mask graphics for transparent layers and other designs . In this blog post I will try to share some amazing photoshop gradients tool , tutorial and download links .

Photoshop Gradient

Click on given images to visit download page of  Photoshop Gradients :-

1. Photoshop Gradient Tutorial :- Learn the features of Photoshop’s gradient tool and create custom gradients according to your needs . Remember mastering the behavior of gradient editor takes time and practice and once you did that than gradients can be fully customized the way you want them .

Photoshop Gradient

2. How to Create a Transparent Gradient in Photoshop :- In this tutorial you will learn how to create a gradient which fades an image to transparency using Adobe Photoshop. This technique can be used to fade an image into the background colour or another image, text, etc.

Photoshop Gradient

3. CSS Gradient Editor :- It is a powerful Photoshop-like CSS gradient editor from ColorZilla The Ultimate CSS Gradient Editor was created by Alex Sirota (iosart). If you like this tool, check out ColorZilla for more advanced tools such as eyedroppers, color pickers, palette editors and website analyzers.

Photoshop Gradient

4. How to Adjust the Angle and Scale of a Gradient in Photoshop :- For better results and good output we need best angle and scale of a gradient overlay in Adobe Photoshop than you can make a real difference in the output of design .

Download Photoshop Gradients

1. 123 Gradients in Four Sets :- This pack contains 30 blue gradients, 30 green gradients, 30 red gradients and 33 pastel gradients .

Photoshop Gradient

2. Picasso-Inspired Gradients :- In this set you will get 18 gradients inspired and composed for Pablo Picasso paintings and shades .

3. Vintage Gradients :- In this set you will get 15+ old style colors .

Photoshop Gradient

4. 130 Web 2.0 Gradients :-They are few year old but still great for creating logos, backgrounds, tabs, buttons, wallpapers, toolbars and all sorts of stuff.

Photoshop Gradient

5. Dooffy Gradients Set002DC :- In this pack you will get 30 different pattern gradients .

Photoshop Gradient

6. Bold Gradients :- This set contains 3 gradients that are BOLD and 2.0ish .

Photoshop Gradient

7. In The PiNk Gradient Set :- In this pack you will get 36 pink shades gradients for Photoshop .

Photoshop Gradient

8. Shattereds Gradients :- In this set you will get 8 gradients and can be used in web designs .

Photoshop Gradient

9. Pastel Gradients :- In this pack you will get 12 Pastel colored gradients .

Photoshop Gradient

10. Fluo Gradient :- In this set you will get 3 + different designs created in Photoshop CS3 .

11. Adobe Gradients Pack :- In this pack you get 10 differenr color shades and all gradients working fine with adobe designing softwares .

12. Gradients 09-web style :- This pack contains 20 gradients, very useful for a nice web 2.0 style .

13. Chic Sparkles :- This pack contains 35 photoshop gold gradients and free for commercial and/or personal arts works .

14. The Beatles Gradient :- This pack contains 4 gradients created from the colors of Sgt. Pepper in Photoshop CS4 .

15. Zune HD Gradient :- A beautiful Photoshop gradient based off the brand new Zune HD.

16. Clean Gradients Set :- This set contains about 50 clean gradients which I picked carefully, such as; Indian Pink, Islet Blue, Navy Blue,  Aloe Green,  Army Green, Safari Green, Wasabi Green, Camouflage, Beige,  Boardeaux, Pumpkin and a lot more!

17. Sky gradient pack :- In this pack you will get 9+ different shades which are perfect for creating quick skies in your illustrations.

18. Autumn Gradients :- Here is one nice gradient pack of mellow fruitfulness . It has 10+ shades .

19. Mellow Yellow Gradients :- It is a small but perfectly formed set of five gradients, all glowing with yellow happiness .

20. Skywalker Ps Gradients :- It is a set of 35 shade of blue gradients for Photoshop .

21. Gradients 05-Web Style :- It has 30 gradients, very useful for a nice web 2.0 style .

22. iPhone Gradation Set :- This set contains 15+ designs and you can use the for mobile or other tech art works .

23. Modern Photoshop Gradients :- This set contains 75 mordern gradients for Photoshop .

24. Photoshop Gradients :- This set contains 30 gradients and they will help you create effect buttons, text, forms, with just one click.

25. Photoshop Gold Gradient :- In this set you will get 3 amazing golden color shades .

26. Vintage Gradients :- This set contains 20 photoshop gradients for download and you can use them photography or other art work  .

27. Emerald Dragon Ps Gradients :- This pack contains 30 green gradients for photoshop . They are free for commercial or personal works.

28. Rosa Ps Gradients :- This pack contains 90 rose gradient shades for photoshop . If you are looking for red rose shades than this set is for you .

29. Glossy Gradient Set :- This pack contains 8 different style glossy different photoshop gradients for download .

30. Coffe Ps Gradients :- This pack contains 30 brown photoshop gradients .

If you are searching for any specific color of shades than post about it in comments sections and I will try to will that photoshop gradient for you .

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