30 Professional Free Blogger Templates

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Professional Blogger Template with cool installed widgets are always handy and easy to use . In this my second free blogspot template collection I will share some other cool blog layouts which can be used for daily blogging blog or personal blogs . If you are new here than you can check my previous collection here – 40 Stunning Free Blogger XML Templates .

Professional Blogger Template

30 Professional Free Blogger Templates collection contains mixture of 2 column themes , 3 column themes and few of them are magazine style templates also .Most of these blog themes are converted from wordpress to blogger skins .  If you find any problem while downloading than post about it here and I will help you for sure .

1. Fashion Press :- It is 2 column dark fashion blog templates for blogspot users .

Professional Blogger Templates

2. WPBoxedTech :- It is 3 column white color blogspot template with read more function in it .

Professional Blogger Template

3. Bloggertory :- It is magazine style premium blogger template with navigation setup feature .


4. Guzel Magazine Blogger Template :- It is a multi column professional blogger template design .


5. Hybrid News Blogger Template :- It is two column magazine style blogspot XML template for new blogs .


6. Mahusay Template :- Here is one more free premium magazine style blogspot 2 column XML template .


7. MagzStyle Slide :- It is 2 column magazine style professional blogger template with widget ready layout design .


8. BPress Mag Blogger Template :- It is two column magazine style blogger template with content slider feature .


9. Phyto Blogger Template :- It is a three column blogger template with widget ready blog design .


10. Typoprint Mag Blogger Template :- It is a two column white blogger template , converted from wordpress theme .


11. Simplex Darkness :- Multi column magazine style dark blogger template .


12. Simplex Next :- It is 2 column white blogger layout for tech blog or blog on auto industry .


13. Simplex CMS :-  It is a blogger template for CMS or business purpose blogs .


14. Simplex Typebased :-  It is a 2 column professional blogger template designed in Web 2.0 style .


15. Blogger Newspaper Template :- It is a three column blogger newspaper template for multi niche bloggers .


16. Maxis Blog Layout :- It is a 2 column blogger template with dark header background .


17. StarDust Blogspot Template :- It is a 2 column professional blogger template adapted from wordpress theme .


18. Simplex Blog Skin :- It is a 2 column simple white blogger template .


19. Elite Blogger XML Template :- It is a 2 column seo friendly blogger template .


20. Astra Theme :- It is 2 column professional blogger template , which comes with welcome message in header .


21. MaroonKing Blogger Template :- It is a 2 column red header blogger template with simple blog skin .


22. FashionPress Blog Theme :- Here is one more Fashion niche related blogger template .


23. sGallery Grunge Style Theme :- It is multi column blogger gallery template with grunge style background design .


24. IcyBlue Blogspot Template :- It is three column blue blogger template with 125×125 banner ready widgets .


25. Oceanic Blogger Theme :- It is a 2 column unique blogger template design with blue header background .


26. SnapMagazine SEO Blogger Template :- It is a 2 column seo friendly white blogger template .


27. Digital Statement Blogger Template :- It is a two column professional blogger template with tabbed widget option .


28. Turn Out Mag Blogger Layout :- It is a magazine style premium blogger template .


29. SchemerMag Blogger Template :- It is 3 column blogger theme with featured video widget .


30. Revolution Lifestyle Blogger Template :- This 2 column blogger template design is adapted from wordpress .


If you are still looking for more free professional blogger template design than check our blogger category .

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  1. I really like this one MagzStyle Slide style it would look awesome on one of my sites.

    I like this articles it’s going to be a great help in the future!!

  2. jeist says:

    Thank you for this resource!

  3. toxa says:

    i like newspaper template :)

  4. Joendel Andrade says:

    Template de qualidade…Nice collection of good templtes

  5. admin says:

    Joendel@ You can checkout out latest free blogspot templates collection on main page .

  6. ilyas kazi says:

    My name is ilyas kahn, i am a web and blogger designer. i just want to say that you are doing great job with great free template….!

  7. I like your newspaper template. I was found it from last a year, but i found it here.

    Thanks for provide it for your visitors.

  8. But your newspaper theme has problem, that is my post is not showing when i preview of my site.

  9. Mamka Blog says:

    whoa, i love newspaper template!

  10. i think they are too much old….

    give some different…….

  11. admin says:

    Vikas you can check our Free Blogger Templates section for new updates.

  12. Tingtong says:

    Great!!! Thanks a lot.

    I still use template from blogger :). Today I would change it to be your template in my News Hot Red. Thanx

  13. Cyber4rt says:

    Very nice template all…
    that’s great one share, thanks ;)

  14. I love the bloggetery template. thanks a lot for sharing this magnificent one :)

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